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Our Programs

Our Programs

Click here for a comprehensive list of all Chabad House programs and services



¨ Jewish Art Calendar

¨ Community Holiday Celebrations

¨ Sunday Hebrew School of the Arts

¨ Complete Jewish Website

¨ All Life Cycle Events

¨ Crisis Counseling

¨ Community Social Services

¨ Bat/Bar Mitzvah Training

¨ Online Judaica Store

¨ In-House Judaica & Book Store

¨ High Holiday Services

¨ Hospital Visitation Program

¨ Homebound Visitation Program

¨ Prison Visitation Program

¨ Adult Jewish Learning Institute

¨ Jewish Women’s Circle

¨ Community Shabbat Dinners

¨ College Campus Outreach

¨ Synagogue Services

¨ Asheville Kashruth Commission: Glatt Kosher Certification, Supervision, Catering, & Kitchen Koshering