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Dear Community Member,

The first of four annual Yizkor services, taking place on Yom Kippur, is soon approaching. In the Yizkor prayers, we ask G‑d to 'remember' the souls of family and friends who have passed on. Attending a Yizkor service, and giving Tzedakah in advance of Yizkor, provides us with a special opportunity to connect with our loved ones, and actually effect and elevate their souls on high through our actions.  

Part of the Yizkor service includes a pledge to Tzedakah, charity, which is a Mitzvah done on behalf of the deceased's soul. With this in mind, we will be producing the annual Yizkor book for the four Yizkor services this year, where community members will have the opportunity to include the names of loved ones in the book. We will mention every name in the Yizkor book as a part of the Yizkor service, at each of the four Yizkor services throughout this coming year, 5780. The personalized Yizkor book will include meaningful readings to recite during the memorial service, which will further enable our community to fulfill Yizkor in a personal and spiritual manner.

Two options to participate in the book:
Insert names: $36/loved one
Yizkor Book Sponsor: $180/includes 6 names
To submit your Yizkor names:
Fill out form below, or call the office at 828-505-0746. 

Deadline for all form submissions is Thursday, October 3, 2019.


Rabbi Susskind

Yizkor Memorial Book

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