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Exploring the Myths and Mysteries of Judaism

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~Lesson 6~

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The course is organized around six central themes, with Jewish facts presented in tandem with texts that cause students to wonder why they never heard this before and why they thought Jews believed something other than what is being presented.

The facts presented in the course touch on central ideas of faith, Jewish custom, and the commandments, leading students to an appreciation of even the “small” details and their ability to shine new light on the big picture of Jewish thought and practice. Far from being a collection of trivia, these new facts will form a treasure trove of ideas that lend breadth and scope to students’ knowledge about Judaism and build on what they already know.

Each lesson will encompass a major theme that underlies the particular tidbits of knowledge presented within the lesson, providing students with a broad glimpse into many different aspects of Jewish culture, tradition, and observance.