Six Consecutive Tuesdays, Beginning February 5th, 2008

Course Instructor: Rabbi Shaya Susskind

Course Location: The Chabad House, 660 Merrimon Avenue

Cost: $80/Per Six Week Course. Includes Textbook and Light Refreshments.

To Register, or for more information, click here, or call Chabad @ 505-0746

Our personal beliefs color the way we see the world and help us to make sense of the inevitable challenges that confront us. BEYOND BELIEF is designed to help you take a closer look at how Jewish beliefs and Torah perspectives provide the answers to your most important questions, bringing meaning to your life, and helping you guide your choices.

The course will provide the Torah’s perspectives on many of the most important questions that are asked by each one of us, and that we are sometimes challenged by.


Are we rewarded and punished for our behavior?
How does G‑d communicate with us?
How can we know what G‑d wants?
Who wrote the Torah?
How did the universe get here?
Does G‑d run the world, or has He stepped into the background and left things up to physical and human nature?

If you have ever wondered about any of these questions — then this course is for you.

The pre-eminent Jewish philosopher, Maimonides, articulated thirteen principles that are at the core of Jewish faith and define our consciousness.

These principles are a brilliant distillation of a belief system that is at once logically ordered and emotionally compelling. Taken together, they form the basis for a deeply satisfying relationship with G d, with the world in which we live, and with our true selves.