Chabad's Kiddush Luncheon Calendar

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, the Yahrtzeit of a family member or other family occasions with a Kiddush lunch at the shul! The Kiddush is a beautiful way of celebrating with the community. Please call the office with any questions or to reservce your kiddush dates for this year.

We're currently seeking sponsors for the following "Sponsorship Available" dates. Please see the calendar below for date availability. If the date you want to sponsor is already take, co-sponsorships for that date are always welcome!

Here for any questions and additional information.

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Sponsorship Date: Name of Sponsor: Occassion:
December 21, 2013    
December 28, 2013    
January 4, 2014    
January 11, 2013    
January 18, 2013    
January 25, 2013    
February 1, 2013    

To fill out the Kiddush sponsorship form online, please click here! 


2012 Sponsors

Arthur & Michele Ellick, Lloyd & Elana Feldman, Naomi Friedman, Lester & Ellie Goldstein, Bob Gregory, Dr. Marvin & Claire Jaffee, Mahli Lieblich, Susan Paul, Harry & Trudy Peirson, Eliot & Nancy Renick, Allen & Tania Roth, & Elihu & Nancy Siegman


2011 Sponsors
Chris Casey, Dr. Anthony & Sharon Cirincione, Jack & Arlene Doloboff, Zane & Leah Duncan, Naomi Friedman, Lester & Ellie Goldstein, Bob Gregory, Paul Jeremias, Yosi Knight, Cookie Mager, Karen McKay, Susan Paul, Deborah Rephan, Allen & Tania Roth, Ari & Alison Schantz, Allan Schoenberg, Marc Shimberg, Jennifer & Barry Solondz, the Susskind Family, & Jill Zimerman
2010 Sponsors
Bill & Doris Abramson, Talia & Alon Amedi, Monty Bachikoff, Chris Casey, Arlene & Jack Doloboff, Zane & Judy Duncan, Jonathan & Stacy Feldman, Naomi Friedman & Bob Gregory, Lester & Ellie Goldstein, Jay Jacoby, Jim & Resa Johnson & Family, Cookie Mager, Neil & Carol McCollum, Gabe Rosenberg, Alan & Tania Roth, Pat & Herb Segal, Larry & Marcia Schantz, Dr. Allan Schoenberg, Marc Shimberg, Jill Zimerman, & Regular Chabad Participants
2009 Sponsors

Allan & Brenda Abrams, Bill & Doris Abramson, Dan & Lisa Bacaner, Monty Bachikoff, Jack & Arlene Doloboff, Zane & Judy Duncan, Llyod & Elana Feldman, Naomi Friedman & Bob Gregory, Jonas & Meryl Goldstein, Lester & Ellie Goldstein, Judi Goloff, Bill & Rhoda Groce ~ Groce Funeral Home, Phillip & Devorah Holan, Jay Jacoby, Lauren Katz, Jeremiah Mattysse, Neil & Carol McCollum, Karen McKay, Bernie & Patricia Pomeranc, Charlene Sepulveda, Mark Silver, Ben & Salene Sinkoe, Marc Shimberg, Allen & Ellen Shoenberg, Sid Tavss, Hank & Kim Teich.