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Dear Community Member,

For the first time in Asheville’s history, a Unity Torah is being written for our Western North Carolina community. Without labels, without differences and regardless of background or affiliation, the Asheville Unity Torah will connect us all to each other, one letter at a time.

Our sages teach us that the Jewish people are compared to the letters of the Torah. In our tradition, no letter is more important than another. All the letters of our Holy Torah are interdependent, for without even one letter, the Torah remains incomplete. Likewise, the Jewish people are linked and responsible for one another, in an indissoluble chain, and we are incomplete without one another.

Did you know that the final Mitzvah that Moses communicated to us in the Torah – the 613th commandment, is the Mitzvah to write for yourself a Torah?

“And now write for you this song…”
- Deuteronomy 31:19

It is an honor and a great Mitzvah to participate in the writing of a Torah. By purchasing a letter, word, sentence, or portion for yourself, your family members, or friends, it is considered as though you have written your own Torah Scroll, thus fulfilling this unique Mitzvah.

With the kind help and generosity of Scott and Karen Paly, two years ago this month, Chabad had commissioned a scribe to begin writing a new Torah Scroll for the physical and spiritual benefit of our community, and to give each member of our WNC community the opportunity to fulfill this Mitzvah as well.

We invite you to join us in writing history, and link hands in unity, by participating in the writing of this historic unity scroll. Visit to purchase your part, in this Torah. For just $5/letter, you can be a part. And by you doing that, you will be able to fulfill this unique Mitzvah – the final Mitzvah in the entire Torah.

May we merit that the Torah indeed unite us all. May we merit to honor the Torah, as it has honored, united, and protected us all, since we received it on Mt. Sinai thousands of years ago.


Rabbi Shaya and Mrs. Chana Susskind