Below is a list of local stores with kosher items. Please note that for each grocery store, prep work for the food will be necessary with an oven/toaster oven. If you are interested in warm, prepared meals for your trip to Asheville please see our catering page.

Trader Joe’s– TJ’s has a full line of kosher chicken, ground turkey, chicken thighs, legs, breasts –  all by Empire (KAJ hecksher and OU). Has the fullest line of fresh kosher chickens. They also have salami (Glatt Kosher, OU). All other meats, although labeled kosher, do not have an acceptable reliable kosher symbol.

Location: 120 Merrimon Ave. Ph: 828-232-5078

Ingles – All Ingles locations have standard nonperishable kosher items. The Ingles with the most kosher items, while still very limited, is the one on the corner of Merrimon Avenue and Beaverdam Road: 915 Merrimon Ave.

Greenlife - While Greenlife does carry several kosher products like challah, kosher breads and fish, only the packaged items with the specified acceptable kosher symbol can be considered reliably kosher. Click here for a link to Chabad’s acceptable kosher symbols.

Location: 70 Merrimon Avenue. Ph: 828-254-5440

EarthFare - EarthFare carries many types of breads under the Chof-K and OU, however they are not Pas Yisroel.  They carry a full line of Tabatchnik soups in all flavors in the freezer section, under the Chof-K. Tzbatchnik also has a line of frozen veggies, however some of them are creamed, which make them dairy. EarthFare also carries a full line of Imagine Soups which come in all flavors, under the Hechsher OU Pareve.  The Organic Free Range Chicken Flavor is not Kosher.  EarthFare also has a small Manischewitz section. 

There are lots of other products in this store with good hechsherim.

Locations:  66 Westgate Parkway. Ph: 828-253-7656
1856 Hendersonville Road. Ph: 828-210-0100

The Fresh Market - they carry Pas Yisroel challah for Shabbat, as well as various standard nonperishable items.  

Location: 944 Merrimon Avenue. Ph: 828-252-9098

Amazing Savings- carries low-cost nonperishable kosher items at bulk-rate discounts.

Locations: 121 Sweeten Creek Rd. Ph: 828-277-0805
45 South French Broad Avenue. Ph: 828-255-5228

Harris Teeter – In their freezer section they carry Cholov Yisroel mini bagel pizzas, as well as various standard nonperishable items.  

Location: 136 Merrimon Ave. Ph: 828-255-1817 

Publix -   The publix brand frish bagles although not list as pas yisroel on the packaging, they are confirmed to be pas yirsoel

they also carry in the freezer mealmart stuffed cabbage, kishke, eggrolls, etc.